Dine Out For 3 Generations

16 to 22 November 2015

Dine Out For 3 Generations

From 16 to 22 November 2015, we were heartened to see many families came together to dine out as 3-Gen family. We would like to recognise and appreciate what grandparents have done for us. It is also our heart to see kids bond with their grandparents. As the Chinese saying goes, “A family with an old person has a living treasure of gold”.

Dine Out For 3 Generations 2015



Thoughts About 3 Generations Dining

"It's about letting the little children be comfortable around older and more mature people.  Ultimately, we all grow old, if children have more chances to be around older folks when they're young, they are more tolerant to having older folks around when they're older. “


"We get to spend quality times together. We now have families of our own and don't stay with each other. Also, we can't really have meal together as family during weekday due to work commitment that's why we treasure a lot for all the get together and we do our best to go for the get together."

Mr Seow

Prior to our one-week 3-Gen dining event, we got people to share about something special about their grandparent(s) through the hashtag #DineOutFor3G    

We prepared a personalised photo card holder (with photo of their own 3-Gen family and space for grandchildren to write message for their grandparents). There was also an activity sheet to challenge grandchildren and grandparents to do!


Grandchildren feeding grandparents!

Taking wefie together as a 3-Gen family with funny faces!


Write a message for grandpa and grandma!

How about a peck on the cheek for grandpa?



Thank you to our partners and participating restaurants for making this even a success!